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Issues with 'stat bleeding'

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Hello there.


I'm playing on Football Manager 2012 and recently invested in FMRTE to give my ailing Truro City squad a boost after the game decided to tank their morale for no reason.

Anyway, I've used the editor to bump up a few young players stats but they seem to partially reset every time I quit the game and return.

For example, I decided to make Lewis Graye into young star but most of his stats seem to 'bleed' away over time. I boosted all of his attributes to 10 or higher but after reloading the game, lots of them seem to fall away to almost nothing, while some get bumped up to max level. It's also happening with every other player I've edited too and I'm getting sick of having to re-edit them over and over again.

Is this something I'm doing or haven't done? As I say, I'm totally new to FMRTE so some guidance would be appreciated!


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if new to app take a read of the guide thread etc 


make sure  you running the app correctly- AS ADMINISTRATOR


not using that fmrte version unsure if freeze option is available if it is select that, also you have to adjust all fields including CA/PA  etc otherwise the game will adjust details to fit those levels 


take a look at some wonderkids etc in game/fmrte and use as a rough guide😉


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