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It’s almost been 2 weeks and my account is still active. Steam and so games have already closed my account and they are far busier.


i want my account here closed thanks.


I’ve already contacted support almost 2 weeks ago



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Hi Aaron

This is what it states from the support side-

To delete or close your account submit a Support Request through your Client Area with a formal request to delete your account. 


You can also request by sending an email to [email protected] 

Please send the account deletion request from the email address associated with the account. Otherwise, we won't be able to delete the account. 

I know you have contacted them perhaps also try both options,it would be good if users had the option to fully delete their accounts themselves 

as this would speed this up. Thanks for your patience. I cant assist other than totally banning you😉

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Well due to unforeseen circumstances at home, I will be continuing playing FM24 for now. As I seen something like the game to take other things off my mind.

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