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Found 9 results

  1. vansant heat

    Work Permit Issue

    I cannot remove the no Work Permit status for some of the players in my team. I have removed all bans which renmove the WP marking in the RTE but it still shows in the game itself. I have changed the player as being formed at Country and Club. I have also included England as a nation in the European Union. Can you please help?
  2. Staffman

    Become Unsackable FMRTE 19

    hey all where has the option gone to become unsackable in FMRTE 19 i cant find it?
  3. Hi just done the new update... Its not letting me have as many coaches that I want to have... It started after fm18 updated... But new update of FMTRE its still the same... Uploaded screen pic...hope this helps... Carl
  4. buntingtris

    Unable to edit player 2018

    Just wondered if its a fault on the app or if it isn't ready to do this yet as it says you can when purchasing thanks
  5. Blackleaf

    Importing shortlist

    Hi I'm new to the forums. I have question about the new fmrte. I loved last year's version as I was able to import my longterm shortlist. Will you be able to do the same this year's version? I don't have much faith in sports interactive and the full release! Thanks in advance.
  6. mischievous

    FMRTE is always crashing

    Tried it FMRTE this year for the first time. Already bought a license. But FMRTE is always crashing. Searching for a team, it crashes. Try to import a shortlist of 120 players, it crashes. Can someone help please? When I try to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 I get a message saying that I have a newer version of it already installed. WINDOWS 10 Thank you
  7. Jake Perry

    FM 17.3.2 patch

    Small patch confirmed on the SI forums for FM17 has rendered FMRTE obsolete again. It seems to be the same game version, but FMRTE simply can't detect loaded saves post-patch.
  8. having some work permit issues, when i go to the players relations, the drop down menu in the second nationality for countries does not show up, its stays blank with whatever country i put in, the box stays blank when i input it manually
  9. Galaxix

    Freezing Bug

    What bugs/issues did you encounter: When I press example like scout to freeze and re-load game with FMRTE its auto unfreeze. What is your FM version: Latest What is your FMRTE version: Latest Which operating system are you using: W7 Attach any FMRTE error logs: No error log.

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