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Been sitting on an idea, everyone would like a tycoon takeover in their saves, if you had the ability to change a clubs nation from "England" to say "China", you would be able to edit the EDT Valid Takeover files Pre Game and stop Consortium Takeovers, PLC  Takeovers, Fan Based Takeovers or Local Businessman Takeovers not to be allowed in "China"  thus leaving 2 options, Rich Individual or Promotion Within, Obviously you can change the country to one which would have least impact on your game, set your chairman status to 1 and wait for a takeover to begin, with only 2 options available the chances of a tycoon takeover become much higher, once a takeover begins ( Assuming its a Tycoon), change your nation back to the correct one and let the takeover run its course.


Is this even a possibility?  

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if you change a club's nation they wont be able to play in their domestic league etc


you can change the takeover types as you suggest, take a look over on the SI editor forums there is a thread on EDT editing. IIRC  the files are called valid takeovers+sugar daddy type edit these to suite your needs



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