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iFMRTE 17 for macOs


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iFMRTE 17 for macOs


This version of FMRTE was designed to work with FM 17.3.2

Steam auto update STEAM automatically updates the game when a new patch is released.

While it's advisable to keep the game updated, you should know that every time the game is updated it makes FMRTE useless, meaning that it also needs to be updated.

So if you want to keep using FMRTE, you SHOULD use STEAM in OFFLINE mode, or do a full backup of the folder of the game, so you can restore it later.

This is to prevent the game from being updated automatically as we cannot GUARANTEE that we will be able to update FMRTE to make it work with a future game patch.


Build 21


  • Support for 17.3.2 game version

Build 20


  • Some dropdowns not working on Search and Mass Edit windows

Build 19


  • Support for 17.3.1 Touch game version
  • Ability to Mass edit players, staff and clubs
  • Button to reset search filter settings


  • Heal Team button not changing the player fitness/match sharpness
  • Players Prefered Moves not being editable

Build 17


  • Support for 17.3.1 game version

Build 16


  • Support for 17.3.0 Touch game version

Build 15


  • Support for 17.3.0 game version

Build 14


  • Support for 17.2.1 game version

Build 12


  • Change persons nationality

Build 11


  • Future transfers list
  • A bug with ingame data, that was causing iFMRTE to show the wrong age for players
  • Import/Export players from files
  • Freeze players or staff
  • Current Screen

Build 10


  • Support for 17.2.0 Touch game version

Build 9


  • Support for 17.2.0 game version
  • Nations EURO Coefficients
  • Nations Agreements
  • Added nations player youth max age
  • Added nations DoesNotAllowDualNationality

Build 7


  • Access denied error that was affecting for some users
  • An error changing players fitness
  • An error saving staff changes

Build 6


  • Support for 17.1.2 game version
  • Current Screen

Supported Versions

  • Football Manager 2017 - 17.3.2 (971545)
  • Football Manager 2017 - 17.3.1 (939067)
  • Football Manager 2017 - 17.3.0 (936788)
  • Football Manager 2017 - 17.2.1 (919517)
  • Football Manager 2017 - 17.2.0 (914097)
  • Football Manager 2017 - 17.1.2 (903034)
  • Football Manager Touch 2017 - 17.3.2 (971572)
  • Football Manager Touch 2017 - 17.3.1 (952429)
  • Football Manager Touch 2017 - 17.3.0 (936801)
  • Football Manager Touch 2017 - 17.2.0 (914164)
  • Football Manager Touch 2017 - 17.1.2 (904494)


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  • BraCa pinned and featured this topic
On 27/11/2016 at 8:49 PM, kr1sjeuh said:

the team heal and inspire aint working anymore, for me.. on the newest version.

Can't reproduce that


On 30/11/2016 at 1:20 AM, kimicalvin said:

Hi BraCa, thanks for your work on Mac version. I wanna know why there's no Setting option, or say Preference button, in Mac version? While there's this option in Windows version. Another thing, no Language choice in Mac version?

iFMRTE does not have a settings window neither a way to change it's language, those features might be added in future releases (although, they're currently on our priority list for macOS)


9 hours ago, G182 said:

Cant make future transfers... 

FMRTE cannot add new future transfers, but you should be able to edit an existent one, if you can't please let me know, and give me more details

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