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  1. I can't save 'other nationality' in relations. When I refresh it is gone.
  2. Fixed it 1 min ago. Had to restart my pc after the .NET update
  3. When I save my changes, the FMRTE application closes instantly..
  4. Genius, got it. So do I just delete these files or?
  5. Thanks, but I can't find the AppData folder in Users. I just see my docs, my images etc. Also I can't change my language on this shitty PC so I think screenshots won't help really as I'm Dutch. Thanks for helping, though.
  6. Default skin also doesn't work. Software uninstalled and pc restarted. Still nothing.
  7. 'Heal team' or 'save changes' still taking up to a minute to process, is it because I'm using a different skin or because I'm in 2028? On my Macbook I'm not experiencing this problem.
  8. Hi, when i click 'heal team' or 'inspire team' i get a delay of some 10 seconds.. Any idea why that could be? Or anyone else having this problem?
  9. I thought I updated it but setup ended early. Had to completely uninstall FMRTE, but it works again!
  10. Getting the same error. It says the version is supported but doens't work. Not playing touch.
  11. FMRTE does not support your game version (18.2.0 1050224). Supported Versions: 18.2.0 1050224 Getting this error.
  12. When will the Mac version be out? Nevermind me, found it on the website :-)
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