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Did I just discover the attribute limits of FMRTE 15?

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I decided to test just how good a GK can be in FM 2015. But before getting to play any games I already ran into some non-freezing issues. I thought that setting the CA and PA at 500 (apparently the highest number I can save in FMRTE 15) would allow me to create a player with virtually all non-physical attributes at 25 (likewise the highest number I can save in the editor). But despite freezing the stats, the attributes keep dropping to 18 or 20 in a matter of days - or to 15 if I set the CA below FMRTE’s recommended number (ca. 240-245 IIRC). Also, the problem seems to be unrelated to the player’s age (I first created a 13-year-old player, but then made him a 23-year-old and yet the problem persisted). Oh yeah, and I tried a CA/PA of 300 and 400, but the results were the same. I can freeze the stats, but they will drop no matter what (I  have the screenshots, but they are too big to attach all at once).

So, back to my topic - did I just discover some of the limits of this editor, or is this a bug of some sort? Or have I missed something? What could explain this?  

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In my opinion the freeze function only works for a few days, for some players a bit longer. (?)  Stats wil always drop. It does not matter if you check the increase  attributes button or not. Stats will increase over time again. (PA?) It does not work instantly for me anyway. (Sorry for English, i'm Dutch ;) )

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