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  1. Hi, I decided to test just how good a GK can be in FM 2015. But before getting to play any games I already ran into some non-freezing issues. I thought that setting the CA and PA at 500 (apparently the highest number I can save in FMRTE 15) would allow me to create a player with virtually all non-physical attributes at 25 (likewise the highest number I can save in the editor). But despite freezing the stats, the attributes keep dropping to 18 or 20 in a matter of days - or to 15 if I set the CA below FMRTE’s recommended number (ca. 240-245 IIRC). Also, the problem seems to be unrelated to the player’s age (I first created a 13-year-old player, but then made him a 23-year-old and yet the problem persisted). Oh yeah, and I tried a CA/PA of 300 and 400, but the results were the same. I can freeze the stats, but they will drop no matter what (I have the screenshots, but they are too big to attach all at once). So, back to my topic - did I just discover some of the limits of this editor, or is this a bug of some sort? Or have I missed something? What could explain this?
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