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Improve FMRTE use as a scout tool


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Hey everyone.


I've been using FMRTE off and on for years, but only as an improved tool for scouting players. Since I like to spend my time on career games, where I try to take a club from a lower league to the top of the respective nation, I love the challenge and patience more than editing stuff quickly would provide. The use of outside information such as the FMRTE player search feels more than cheat enough to be successful anyway.


But on to the topic of this suggestion: FMRTE has a decent search interface to find people in the game, with all kinds of filters to find just the player(s) you want, bar one of the most important options. One that exists in principle, but is incomplete. I'm talking of player regions, which is only partially implemented by the "EU National" checkbox.


There are various leagues around the world with rules restricting the number of players (not) of a specific country, or where work permits are either difficult to get or financially not feasible.


Take any of the UK & Irish leagues for example. The first career game I started in the latest FM23 was at a Scottish lower league club in the EoS Premier (6th division unlocked with an editor file). For at least the first few promotions you're managing a semi-professional club with all its inherent limitations. Work permits aren't practical in that financial situation, so all these clubs are limited to sign players with specific nationalities. Only, FMRTE doesn't allow you to perform a search like that.


If I wanted to find all players that I could possibly play without having to spend money on a work permit, I'd have to execute separate searches for players with the nationalities of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, North Ireland, Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat as well as the Turks and Caicos Islands.


The same is true for other leagues. In South Korea for example, you're only allowed to play 3 foreigners, but players from other Asian nations are excluded from that. Brazil currently doesn't consider players from Haiti or Syria as foreigners for their eligibility/registration.


Over the years I've come across several more with special rules like that and most can easily be disregarded, because it would be work for a tiny audience, if one exists at all. Except for the UK, Ireland & Territories of course! After Brexit this seems like a major feature that's missing from FMRTE.






Thanks for your consideration,


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I think this would be a good addition, but there are workarounds in FMRTE to bypass WP issues 


something  like this would also be a good feature, but its down to the developer to take this on, he has added many extra features in FMRTE23 based on requests 



have you got a license? or just using free version


FYI I have deleted some of your post read the general rules you will see why


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Oh sure, I know that if I were to use FMRTE as an editor, I could sign and play whoever I liked. Call it a quirk or whatever, but I actually like to keep some of the challenge alive in my FM exploits. That's why I'm keen to help the scouting along - after all, in the age of the Internet there's no way clubs would only be able to learn of players in very limited scouting ranges - but not edit my way to the top. So, yes, I've been using FMRTE unlicensed in its read-only form and for my use case it's been perfect :)


1 hour ago, culturedleftfoot said:

FYI I have deleted some of your post read the general rules you will see why


That's fine and I shall not do so again. I admit I hadn't read the rules before posting here for which I apologize, but after checking them out I'd like to comment that the tool I referenced is not a real-time editor. If you mean to say that all other FM third-party tools are not allowed to be talked about, the rule should probably be re-worded slightly.

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