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Found 14 results

  1. Hi I purchased the new edition of FMRTE and I tried to change the stadium of my team (Hapoel Tel Aviv, from HaMoshava to Bloomfield). Although now it appears that the home stadium of my team is Bloomfield, the team plays all home matches on the old stadium. Do you have a solution for this problem? Thanks for the advice MD
  2. Hi, I have a problem with club settings edit! It's not working! When i applied changes! The stats and settings won't change! (club reputation and club skills) I don't know where is the problem! If someone can help me it will be appreciate! (Sorry i'm french, my english is too bad, i know )
  3. Hi, I love FMRTE and been buying it for quite some time now. I have a question... I am trying to start using the future transfer feature but even though I set the trasnfer correctly when the date of the transfer arrives nothing actually happens... the player stays at my team. What am I doing wrong? Thx!
  4. Hi, it is happening after a couple of games. I arrange a player position example from a AMC to MC and after a couple of games hew will have another position added, ex DL / MC. When I try to erase the DL position, it dissapears from the game but after 2 matches it will re-appear. Even I freeze the statistics.Is this a known bug? Or there something I need to arrange?
  5. i cannot use mass edit and search filter cuz "unexpected error" (i was using run as administrator already) fm 2017.1.2 fmrte 17.3.1 windows 10 home 64bit error.log
  6. What bugs/issues did you encounter:( When im trying to edit finances of other clubs in leagues i have not added in game, finances tab shows wrong values. Editing any of these values makes game crash. This issue only applies to some of clubs, not all clubs outside of added leagues have wrong values. What is your FM version: 17.3.1 b 19 What is your FMRTE version: 17.3.1 Which operating system are you using: Windows 7 Attach any FMRTE error logs: No errors during this issue (only game crash after changing values)
  7. I've used FMRTE to edit a future transfer. When the time in game past the date I've set in FMRTE Future Transfer, the player is still at his old club and no transfer happened.
  8. I want to use FMRTE to change the stadium. But in FM2017 when I change the seat numbers and click save, it change back to the default number. I used FMRTE to change stadium in FM2013, but I want to know how to change it in FM2017?
  9. swap staff wipes out an entire 4 years of career
  10. What bugs/issues did you encounter: Since i've started using FMRTE17 i usually faced with the issue when i pushed load button and see this error: "This version of FMRTE is for Football Manager 2017 only. You are using a differnt game edition, please visit our website and check if there is any version of FMRTE for your game edition". Rarely (once or twice before every new reinstall) i could load the game and use FMRTE up to next loading. Reinstalling the program could give me the ability to use it but mostly not. It was really random and unpredictable when the game could load. I could not identify the sequence. After 17.3.0 update it is not working at all. I'm an experienced user of FRMTE, have official versions of the game and the program, both are updated. What is your FM version: current version 17.3.1, I have steam set to online What is your FMRTE version:, I have used the update feature says I am using the current version Which operating system are you using: windows 10 pro 64-bit windows update set to automatic) Attach any FMRTE error logs: no error log is attached
  11. Hi i have two bugs First even i have a future transfert ingame ,in view future transfert and teams i didnt see this future transfert Second bug,when a player have two nationalities,he dt have relations and i cant change relations even if in game its marks the player have relations Sorry for my bad english its not my native language but please someone have a solution,i already clear cache and still have these two bugs
  12. I've been trying to replace the licensed kits on my brighton save, i've made the custom kits in Photoshop, they're in the correct folders and assigned to the correct ID however the licensed kits still override them. I've tried turning licensed kits off but it still doesn't pick up the custom kits. any suggestions on how to bypass the licensing?
  13. if you look at the error.log and the image..you will know the exact problem...i have reinstalled my game, reinstalled FMRTE 17 and tested with new saved game file and also ran as administrator, nothing works.....please help me error.log
  14. I cant load my FMRTE V17.3.1 Why is this?
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