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    FMRTE for Windows This version of FMRTE was designed to work with FM 21.4.0 Requirements FMRTE needs Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 Changelog Build 40 Added Ability to edit non-playable clubs finances Ability to use Advanced Search to filter clubs with facilities set to '-1' Ability to load savegame with more than 500 ingame years Fixed A bug in swap staff, when swapping a chairman Build 38 Fixed Some B Teams not appearing in Teams tab Setting players Unavailability competitions not working properly A rare issue opening Player Positions and/or Clubs Tactics Build 37 Added Support for FM Xbox Edition 21.4.0 (1545271) game version Support for FM Xbox Game Pass 21.4.0 (1545141) game version Fixed Saving changes using (CTRL+S) shortcut not saving the current selected field Build 36 Added Support for FM 21.4.0 (1540115) game version Support for FM Touch 21.4.0 (1540190) game version Fixed A rare issue loading staff Build 35 Fixed An issue that was preventing FMRTE from loading the Xbox Game Pass version Build 34 Fixed An issue that was preventing FMRTE from loading the Xbox Game Pass version Build 33 Added Support for FM 21.4.0 (1528944) game version Build 32 Fixed A bug within Player Clauses that could case the game to crash Changing the continent of a country not being saved Build 31 Added Support for FM Touch 21.4.0 (1529005) game version Support for FM Xbox Edition 21.4.0 (1526263) game version Build 30 Added Support for FM 21.4.0 Build 29 Added Support for FM 21.3.0 Xbox Game Pass Build 28 Added Support for FM 21.3.0 Xbox Edition Build 27 Added Support for FM 21.3.0 Build 26 Added Ability to edit planned stadium works Fixed Contract / Loan Contract filter columns Some minor UI issues Missing staff attributes when importing/exporting to a file Build 24 Added Ability to edit clubs/nation foreground and background colors Ability to change a retirement person Ability to easily remove a retirement Ability to edit weather and local regions Swap Staff (except for gamers) Changed Minor UI changes Fixed A rare error opening Future Transfers Build 23 Fixed An error when saving changes Build 22 Added Support for FM 21.2.2 Xbox Edition An option to force FMRTE to reload transfers when opening Future Transfers Fixed Wonder Kid Generator Settings Mass Edit not working properly when editing frozen players Build 21 Added Support for FM 21.2.2 game version Changed Team players list buttons - Some of them, such as freeze/unfreeze, etc, will only be applied to selected players Fixed Wrong wage frequency being displayed in contracts Build 20 Added Ability to enable/disable automatic highlight of players best role/duty (FMRTE Settings) Ability to enable/disable if presets should be applied to highlighted attributes only (FMRTE Settings) Removed Some FMRTE settings that were not being used Fixed An issue that prevented freezed players from being frozen when starting FMRTE An error when opening Clubs Transfer Center Build 19 Fixed An issue that could prevent gamers from being properly loaded Some minor issues Build 18 Added Support for FM 21.1.3 Xbox Edition Build 17 Added Support for FM 21.2.0 game version Build 16 Added Support for FM 21.0.6 Xbox Edition Hair colour/length to Mass Edit Skin colour to Mass Edit Move Player to Club Swap Players Player Best role/duty is now automatically selected on player information page Buttons to max/min all staff knowledge or languages fluency Fixed Searching for regens Build 15 Added Support for FM 21.1.3 game version Clone Center Build 14 Added Ability to swap players national call up Fixed An error when opening Transfer Center Build 13 Added Support for FM Touch 21.1.2 game version Build 12 Fixed Minor issue with Club Vision Build 11 Added Ability to edit Clubs Vision Ability to edit first team number of additional staff More players unhappiness motives Polish translation (not 100% completed yet) Some missing JobTypes (for Staff) Fixed Players unhappiness motives not being displayed Freezer settings not being properly saved Agents relations not being loaded properly An error when saving Agents An issue with human players not being properly loaded Players hair length and color Clubs Allow Licensed kits Build 10 Added Support for FM 21.1.2 game version Build 9 Added Support for FM 21.1.1 game version Fixed Advanced Search performance when filtering clubs by Age Average Build 8 Added Support for FM 21.1.0 game version Added new contract clauses/bonus Fixed Ability to edit injuries Some minor issues Advanced Search / Mass Edit performance Build 7 Added Ability to apply team presets in clubs search results Ability to apply custom presets in club players list Ability to add Club Training Facilities into search result columns Fixed Filter players by Current/Potential rating Ability to edit clubs transfer embargo Ability to edit clubs sugar daddy Ability to edit gamer option Allow Squad Registration, Allow Squad Numbers Anytime, Become Unsackable) Staff gender Build 5 Fixed Columns sort not being properly applied Contracts for Future Transfers Missing transfer proposals An error in Staff Knowledge page Build 4 Added Ability to edit Future transfers Ability to increase/decrease miniFMRTE size (you can use CTRL + / CTRL -) Fixed '+' and '-' buttons for players technical / goal keeper attributes Players roles name An issue with miniFMRTE Build 3 Added Custom colors created in Color Pickers (for ex, in Kits and Colors) are now saved Fixed The Setting Freeze players when FMRTE starts was set to False by default (if you had a previous version installed, you have to manually change it) Some UI issues Missing player attributes in Preset Manager and in Filters settings Advanced Search / Mass Edit positions not being properly reset Player Unavailabilities properties not being saved An error when tring to change a color in Kits and Colors screen Some translation issues Build 2 Fixed Players morale and declared for nation Players unhappiness motives Current screen button Not being able to add some columns to search results (for ex, left/right foot) Build 1 Added Support for FM 21.0.0 BETA game version Supported Versions Steam/Epic Store Football Manager 2021 - 21.4.0 (1525123, 1522263, 1528944, 1540115, 1545141) Football Manager 2021 - 21.3.0 (1518378) Football Manager 2021 - 21.2.2 (1503138) Football Manager 2021 - 21.2.0 (1499632) Football Manager 2021 - 21.1.3 (1492907) Football Manager 2021 - 21.1.2 (1489880) Football Manager 2021 - 21.1.1 (1489088) Football Manager 2021 - 21.1.0 (1487510) Football Manager Touch 2021 - 21.4.0 (1525129, 1529005) Football Manager Touch 2021 - 21.3.0 (1518085) Football Manager Touch 2021 - 21.2.2 (1503138) Football Manager Touch 2021 - 21.2.0 (1499634) Football Manager Touch 2021 - 21.1.2 (1491386) Supported Versions Xbox Edition Football Manager 2021 - 21.4.0 (1522688, 1526263, 1540190, 1545271) Football Manager 2021 - 21.3.0 (1518372) Football Manager 2021 - 21.2.2 (1504469) Football Manager 2021 - 21.1.3 (1497381) Football Manager 2021 - 21.0.6 (1490680) Supported BETA Versions Football Manager 2021 - 21.0.0 (1476964)
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