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Hi, i was wondering about the possibility to registrer players for training camp...because i can`t seem to registrer all the players i want...some are grayed out even dough there are not on loan or out for national teams.

So i can only registrer some from main squad, some from under 21 and some from under 18. And i have played Fm since before Fm, never had this issue.

I have asked SI but they says it some times happens if players have been out for national the day before..and 14 off my players came back the day before training camp registration day.


In the FMRTE 23 players that are registrated for training camp shows up as: "Competiton Registration" - "Name of club" - "Unkown (19)".

Unkown (19) is not one of the options when you try to registrer players for competition.





PS: Sorry for my bad English

And the player on the picture below is currently one off the players ready for Training Camp.

FMRTE 23.2.0 (build 13) 03.12.2022.png

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Miss spelling..missed info
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