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FM24-FixturesFM24 - Custom Start Date[Read the opening post clearly before posting]

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  • culturedleftfoot changed the title to Weekly Custom start date FM23[Ideal for use with real fixtures/result Mods] WORK IN PROGRESS

right getting somewhere the editor is bugged once again


managed to get a workaround for a weekly start date I have had to set up a late pre season date which allows the game to start on 14/11/ 22 if I put that as a start date[which is how you normally get the file to work] then it only allows a start date in April 2022


so I have sort of fixed it

but as said very buggy all changes I made in file seem wiped and names returned to default in the DB when you look at file in the editor. 

However in game the edited details are showing so its working but  very odd.


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9 hours ago, ChelseaPlus said:

Hey, I was wondering about the real results aspect of this file. As I load it in, I don't see the real results(like Wolves bottom or Arsenal top). Is this a problem on my end, or is it something that you're working on?

You need to add another mod with results if you want them this is a custom start date file 


this has several leagues updated here and is using my start date file in conjunction 



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On 11/17/2022 at 8:46 AM, culturedleftfoot said:

Version 2.0 released start date on 21/11/22 great if you want to start at the World CupūüėČ


Like and follow thread for further releases 

@Dan Harmider did you not see this ?

your other questions have been answered in your exact duplicate post here  


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11 hours ago, themodelcitizen said:

I think you could add the World Cup to any country's start dates, with "start of competition". Should make the season start in November 2022. Then find a default tourney in March for that, might work. Just a minor change to England's rules for example would allow it? Or are their start dates all hardcoded?

this is a weekly start date Mod, so users can start a game at a particular point [usually using real results too] nothing to do with the World Cup really

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Build 5 now released


This is a file to start a new save game on the 16/01/23 ideal if using real fixtures/results Mods.


there have been over a thousand downloads of the file



and only 2 users have  expressed thanks/liking content


without feedback there is no incentive for me to really continue producing files like this, so this will be the last unless things change 

I am removing the main Download but the files can be download by members here see the opening post


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  • culturedleftfoot changed the title to Weekly Custom start date FM23-[Build 5] 16/01/23 [older builds also included] Download in thread
  • culturedleftfoot changed the title to Weekly Custom start date FM23-[Build 6] 23/01/23 [older builds also included] Pm for Download
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