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How can I transfer a player to another club??

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Do you want money for him? Meaning you want to create a sale of a player? Then you can't.


If you just want one of your players to play for another team..., use the swap player function, then you can take one of their good or bad players in return.

Otherwise you can set him up for sale, and ask of nothing for him, and when a club then buys him (must not be done in a transfer window), the change the club he is going to, and the transfer you want him to be sold for, under future transfers...


Or take the easy way and do it in the game, with a little help from FMRTE. Create his likes, of the club you want him to play for, the manager (I tell more about this) and several of the players in the club..., take control of the club, with a new created manager (that's the manager he should like)..., buy the player (here you can change the value in fmrte of how much money the buying club has, and therefor get money yourself)..., and then buy him, and terminate the manager. Easily done. Actually the most esy way, unless a transfer already is in place, the option abowe (option 2) is the best way

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