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  • "Shadow" teams being made by editor, blocks editing U18 staff

    Awaiting customer reply.
    Priority: Undefined
    Edition: FMRTE 20
    Game Store:
    Game Version:

    Version: FMRTE 20 (Newest): FMRTE 20.4.0 (build 29)

    Playing Newest Version of Football Manager 20 (Steam): 20.4.0-1356331

    Beta Testing: No

    Using in administrator mode: Yes, have also tried it when not doing so as well (unintentionally). Problem was present in both cases.

    Also am using most recent Microsoft . NET framework.


    Issue persisting from last two updates of FMRTE. (Figured I'd wait a bit before asking in case it was in the works)

    Have verified "integrity" of game files of FM via Steam to boot.


    Hi, for some reason the editor is making some weird teams within my club that dont exist. It's also shoving out my U23/U18 sides from showing up in the homepage. It' might also be breaking my game files too, causing my staff increases by my owner when approved to be set to zero. I've had staff increases for my U18 side approved at least 3 times and be set to zero each occasion.


    Edit: Also, my club is professional, so restriction of staff allotted shouldn't be an issue.


    blocking youth edit.PNG

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    Created an entirely new game, made sure not to touch anything pertaining to editing staff totals and the issue has occurred again where the editor is trying to draw data for two ghost teams partway in. Not sure if the editor is trying to draw forth data for a "Reserve" Team and whichever of the U23/U21 sidea that doesn't exist.


    Either way  it again kills the ability to add any staff increases via the board, and makes it impossible to add staff to the youth sides (even eliminates the roles for all but a single sports scientist) and any coaches aside a head coach. I reverted to an early save and it doesnt yet have the issue. Not sure if this is related to playing a match causing it to potentially ping for the data or not, but it seems like I'm the only person with this problem, whatever the cause is. I will ask SI for help (they didn't even get what I was talking about in the inability to add staff)  as it seems like I can't really be helped here.

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