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  1. I used the FM19 pre-game editor to create a bunch of players from scratch in a brand new team. I started the save but now I want to add more players to my team. I used the FM in-game editor to add some random free agent to my team and edit his details, but I wasn't able to edit everything I wanted, which led me to FMRTE. Love the endless possibilities at my fingertips, BUT I'm having trouble with a couple details... The free agent I pulled in was Spanish, trained by Castellon. I want him to be Australian and New Zealander with no club history. I successfully changed his main nationality to Aus. But the rest isn't quite working. I added NZ as an "Other Nationality" and deleted his relations with Castellon and Spain, but he still shows history with Castellon and is somehow eligible for Spain, but not NZ. Is there some kind of bug possibly, or am I missing something? Thanks
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