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  • Player Unavailability

    Now you have more control over players availability (bans, suspensions, holidays, etc) you can make your player available, by removing any restriction, or, you can make a player unavailable, for example, by adding a suspension.


    How to make a player unavailable?

    It's very simple, you just need to press the '+' button (in the Player Unavailability tab).

    By default, FMRTE will add a 3 matches 'Global Ban', that you can easily edit.

    You can make a player unavailable for a specific number of games, of for a specific number of days (not both)


    Scope, what is it?

    Scope defines the type of the unavailability, and affects the type of games for which the player will be unavailable.

    Those are the most common types:

    • Global Ban - Player suspension applies to all competitions
    • Competition - Player suspension applies to a single competition
    • Domestic League - Player suspension applies to the domestic league
    • Holidays - Player will be sent to holidays for a specific number of days


    Let's see it in action

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