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  • Editing Fixtures

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    Depending on the selected stage (League, Cup, or Group), FMRTE might allow you to edit fixtures home and away teams, as well the stadium and substitution rules.


    If a fixture is for a game that was already played, FMRTE will allow you to edit the game result, but please not, that editing the game result, won't affect the 3D match details, neither any other match or player stats.


    Example 1 - League Stage Fixture Editing

    For a League stage, you can easily change fixtures for each match/round, making it easy for you to arrange fixtures as you wish, for example, to make them equal to the fixtures in real life.




    Example 2 - Fixture Editing for a Cup stage

    For a Cup stage, editing fixtures is more limited since you can only edit the stadium and substitution rules.

    You cannot change the Home / Away team directly in the Fixture, as you can do for League / Group stages.
    T edit a Home / Away team in a Cup Stage, you must edit the Tie, in the Ties tab.




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