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    Someone from our staff will take this report soon.

    Priority: Undefined Edition: FMRTE 20

    Hi there, I am finding the 3D stadium editor unusable at present.  I have loaded up game / entered into the 3D editing area. Made the necessary changes and ensured that any seat / standing alteration tallied up on both screens. Here are a couple of things that did not work whilst playing a Real Salt Lake save.


    1) Added uncovered standing areas in all four corners.

    2) Took the roof off both stands behind the goal to replicate the photo of Rio Tinto stadium (attached).


    I ran it on a few days and played a friendly at home and no changes had taken affect. It had definitely saved to the game, as when I clicked on club info (in-game), the amended stadium capacity was showing. 


    This follows on from saves as Aldershot and also as a customed Malta save in 'Create a club' where Wrexham were swapped out. Noticed issues were;


    1) Added corners with no roofs, matching the same capacity as area behind the goal but the stands did not 'marry up' and looked odd.

    2) Adding a tunnel to the main stand by the dug-outs did not work. I ensured that this was ticked prior to saving,

    3) I tried to extend the main stand (where the dug-outs are) to run the length of the pitch by increasing the capacity, it only added another tier, rather than the required pitch-side length version. 


    Such a shame, as the 3D stadium editor was one of the key attractions to FMRTE. I am hoping that this may be resolved with a fix.


    Many thanks.


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    To add, that I play / use the FM Touch 2020 version of the game, rather than the 'full fat/ version on a laptop. My laptop is a HP Pavillion, which comes with 256GB SSD / AMD Ryzen 5 processor, along with 8GB RAM. I have loads of room on my laptop as it is brand new and Football Manager, along with some programs like FMRTE are the only thing on it.


    Version -  FM20.4.1 / Windows 10


    I am not Beta testing but playing full game independently. 


    Hope this helps?

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