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  1. Is it possible to add a shaved/very short hair to the editing options? Quite a few players have grade 1/2 haircuts and the nearest to it is short, which is not that close a cut to the players head.
  2. All received. Just thought I would post this info for others, in case they were looking to do this. It is actually achievable with FMRTE. Once inside the editor, go to the kits section. You will see various colour panels and it also mentions FMKE. If you alter the home shirt on here to match your created team and save, that will display in-game on the tactics page. If you amend the team message colours, that will change the in-game header, to match the colours you want and also the jersey number colour alteration works too (which was the main one for me). If you have an existing 3D shirt you a
  3. I have had the same problem with the 3D kit as others have described. Opened up FMKE fine and opened an already created 3D kit from Sortitoutsi. Gave it the right team id and exported to game. Did all the steps as described with clearing cache and skin refresh but the 3D kit does not change. Two things I wonder. This is on a ‘create a club’ career, where I had previously created kits using the basic tools in-game. Is the location correct as I already have a graphics - kits folder. Shall I just drop the fmke folder with kits and config into my already used 3D kits folder?
  4. Hi there, I quite often use the ‘Create a Club’ mode on FM Touch 2020 and I write over (for example Wrexham) their 2D and 3D kits in my file structure, with the team that I create, so that they appear for use in-game. However, there does not appear to be a way to alter the te colour panel and also the numbering on the back of the shirt. Touch doesn’t have the editor like full fat version of the game. Is this something that can be amended with either FMRTE or the Kit version of FMRTE? If not, could this be something that could be implemented on FMRTE? It would be handy, as sometimes if a t
  5. Yes would also love this idea to be implanted. Quite often they won’t join you, especially if based overseas or their rating is too high. Would be a good addition.
  6. On the thread of the 3D stadium editor, along with my initial dugout alteration thread below, I also would like to add two more potentials. 1) The ability to alter the floodlights at the stadium, from roof aligned ones to free standing corner ones. 2) Like seat colours, the ability to alter the roof colurs to replicate the teams colours, that is quite often seen up and down the leagues. It would be great if these and the dugout ideas were implemented. Thanks again.
  7. Hi there, It would be great if you could add a mod to be able to alter the style of dug out with the 3D stadium editor. For example, in-game Aldershot Town have a brick wall affair with corrugated roof that looks very tier 9! They have in fact got the Perspex rounded ones that can be seen on (as an example) Wrexham’s home stadium. As gamers wish to improve their own stadiums, they may well wish to add more sophisticated dug-outs. Thanks.
  8. Is anyone else having issues with editing on the 3D stadium editor? I have reported it as a bug on the tracker. - Tunnels not appearing when created. - Corners not appearing when crested. - Roof only part appearing when created roof on stand and corner. - Ends behind goal not aligning correctly it no roof is selected. Seems fine if roof added though. I ensured that I had the right seats / stand ratio and attendance and was saved correctly to game. Just interested to hear if others had experienced this and or other issues with the 3D editor.
  9. I can also vouch that this has occurred (May 19). Tried to swap two DOF’s from their clubs. Showed as completed but did not show up in-game, although it said they were at my club.
  10. To add, that I play / use the FM Touch 2020 version of the game, rather than the 'full fat/ version on a laptop. My laptop is a HP Pavillion, which comes with 256GB SSD / AMD Ryzen 5 processor, along with 8GB RAM. I have loads of room on my laptop as it is brand new and Football Manager, along with some programs like FMRTE are the only thing on it. Version - FM20.4.1 / Windows 10 I am not Beta testing but playing full game independently. Hope this helps?
  11. Hi there, I am finding the 3D stadium editor unusable at present. I have loaded up game / entered into the 3D editing area. Made the necessary changes and ensured that any seat / standing alteration tallied up on both screens. Here are a couple of things that did not work whilst playing a Real Salt Lake save. 1) Added uncovered standing areas in all four corners. 2) Took the roof off both stands behind the goal to replicate the photo of Rio Tinto stadium (attached). I ran it on a few days and played a friendly at home and no changes had taken affect. It had defini
  12. Hi there, first of all thanks for putting this work together. Massively improves the game where certain players are missing out from the database, or just are plain rated incorrectly (subjective I know). I have an issue when trying to use the 3D stadium editor. I am trying to amend Aldershot Town FC's Stadium. I am attempting to make the North stand (where the dugouts and tunnel is) run the length of the pitch as in real life but it seems to just extend upwards into a two-tier stand, which I am not looking for. I have amended the amount of seats in it and it still does not alter it
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