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  • Adding a badge to a kit

    Customizing your kit is very easy, for example, if you want to add a badge, or a sponsor, FMKE helps you with that.


    In 5 easy steps, you can add any logo/image to your kit

    1. Select the Kit Element where you want to add your logo/badge/sponsor
    2. Add the image by dragging it into FMKE (or use the Import Image menu)
      If the image needs to be resized, just use our Resize / Crop tool
    3. Position the image in the right place
      You can enable the Show Positions toggle, and FMKE will show you where your logo should be placed
    4. Want to use the same image in multiple kit elements?
      No problem, select the layer with the image, and use Copy/Paste
    5. Save your project or Export your Kit to game
      And that's it


    So let's see it in practice


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