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  1. Hi I see you put 12749, personally I use 12750 and the players seem to keep to top 90 and some even for 100 through the whole match. Depending on added time and extra time of course. The morale I don't tend to change, I think if a players in not up for playing for me I am not going to help him out with a morale boost every match or so. They get sold, an unhappy player tend to make disharmony amongst the squad. This leading to: 11 seasons in, 25 players in my first team, 18 is in my core social group the rest 7 are in the secondary group. All are highly influental or higher. Thus my team fights for each other the match through and are almost never losing a match. 2-3 losses a season at maximum, 5-10 draws, the rest are wins and some by a big margin (6-0 or even up to 12-0) Keeping my match tactics the precisely the same, other manager try tweaking theirs to make it harder and harder by the season. But still I got an upper hand, yet...
  2. The teams start getting relegated from season 20/21. You playing FM19 or FM20? Got all Jong teams down to Tweede and keep looking out so they won't get promoted. Done the similar with the other nations allowing the B, reserves, youth team play in professional leagues to be relegated down the tiers to semi/amateur level. So the teams don't get the benefit of having a huge squad of players on pro contract and just shuffeling them between the teams. Only problem really I have had with the table editing feature in FM20 is editing the WC qualifying for Asia. I edited the 2nd stage tables and wanted the billion dollar nations not to qualify, thus ending up with the 3rd stage not scheduled.... Resulting in a WC2030 without any Asian nations playing, their allocation slots were divided between the remaining continents. But I hope the WC2034 now is going to be working fine....
  3. Seems like it was a one off problem, today it is ok. Just delete this bug report.
  4. Trying to open and edit a cup competition ends up in an error. Not sure if every, but the specific is Nathaniel MG Cup in Wales. And perhaps an oportunity to edit prize money to cups?
  5. Ok, now I haven't tried @ksonowal presets. So I speak from my own presets which I posted on the previous page here. On the team selection window the fitness and match shaprness will show up as 1% if you use the one I called 'Superfit', but during the match you will see that the players fitness will keep at 100% until the end of the match. Apart of course if the occurs any injury or so. You got to do it pre team selection, not after progressing from there and not so early that you got a game progression with other matches either. Just before you go to team selection. After match depending on what players you got the ones playing the match will show up as 100/100 and those not playing 1/1. But it will be fine after one progression of the game after this.
  6. Tried changing the stages? No need changing for each period, just find the overall table and edit from there. Found it pretty easy when I did it recently, wanted to have the Jong teams relegated out of the Eerste....
  7. gwynvyd

    Nearby Stadium

    What is your FM version: FM20.4.1 What is your FMRTE version: FM20.4.1 Are you Beta testing for S.I.- No Are you running FMRTE as administrator- YES Trying to change nearby stadium and just pop up an error when I try to save the changes. Not sure if this even have an affect on the game, but I am curious to try to see if I do changes what may eventually happen.
  8. Isn't there a guide on how to import presets? If not there probably should be. I like to put the presets in the same folders as the ones already provided by FMRTE, find the programfolder and there you have Presets folder. In the program at the top bar is something called Preset Manager, there they should be listed. I don't know if there is a import preset button, because I normally have to make these presets from scratch every new FM release. Know that I made them so they work within the team view, and for the whole squad you have visible in the program. If there are suggestion on any improvement please let me know.
  9. I've worked with same kind of presets now for the last couple of versions of FM. One does the players extremely professional, able to reach the potential in a shorter amount of time, more loyal (depends one various factors in FM20 but if a player get unhappy just try reason with him in a private chat and normally he will drop his issue), gets match fit just after 1 day no matter how congested the fixture list is and so on. Works like a charm, I especially enjoy buying young gems which are on free transfer while I manage lower league clubs. The other preset I tend to use if I for example would like to try to achieve a unbevlieable result, f.ex a league one/two team winning the FA cup or some thing similar. I am sure there are ways to improve my presets, but I've found my way so here they are. Enjoy them or not... Professionals.json SuperFit.json
  10. Hi Would love if there could be a possibility editing the TV money for each league or the amount of money one are allocated for a match moved for TV coverage. And if it would be possible to edit the prizemoney for cups? I know one can do it before hand, but I like to change it from year to year in different countries just to see how different leagues evolve over the years.
  11. How about the chance of editing the TV income and prize money? I play a game for now 15 seasons, where the Dutch eredivisie have climbed steadily in ranking amongst the other european leagues. Still the prize money and tv income are far beyond other leagues.
  12. gwynvyd


    Hi Is it just for me or does the loading of game data take much longer time in the .35 version than previous?
  13. Just curious on what is in development for any new version on the editor? @BraCa
  14. Just create an exception for FMRTE in Avast.
  15. Two hours after the game updated...give him a break.
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