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  1. Is the match preperation function working?in my game, the tactics famarity doesnt change.
  2. Tried that as well. Failed to impact. Any other suggestions. I even lowered Man Utd rep, but yet no offer from them.
  3. Currently working in championship side but would like to become the manager of Man Utd (EPL side) What sort of editing should be done? I have made my rep world class, remove their entire staffs and yet Man Utd do not offer or show any interest.
  4. So will it be released in the next few hours please
  5. Please Barca release the version for new patch today, some of us live in far east, thus it's gonna be the weekend soon.
  6. iniaj

    FMRTE 2014

    I think this time it can take some longer. Particularly as SI themselves will be having a in-game editor. So there will be some wait to see what functions will the SI editor and its price. And then only can FMRTE position itself accordingly.
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