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  1. same to you and all others also Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  2. have you try ex to select all players and then freeze and save?
  3. u need to select all players ctrl+a or a player and after that press renew and save it. works for me that way
  4. awesome news and that was fast 😀
  5. in the new build of fmrte you guys have it
  6. thanx again BraCa for fast update
  7. think it was full release now early
  8. well he has to hire more there. Why not use moderators also for that?
  9. thanks m8. yeah little too long waiting time to fix things. when we are still paying customers. happy customer but the support in client area need improvements and more staff to handle tickets etc because have not get use fmrte in 4 days because of this slow support.
  10. ok thanx for the info. just wondering when my ticket is 3 day now unsolved whit no response.
  11. thank you. btw how many are working in client area support?
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