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  1. hello braca is it possible to explain how to import a tactic we have created? tks I would like to add a tactic like phoenix 41320 in fmrte
  2. Hello, in the pregame editor it is possible to modify for example the tactic of ANTONIO CONTE by modifying the position he uses for his attacker (attacker pressing, advanced ect). Is it possible to do it with FMRTE at the moment? If not it would be fantastic to insert it. Would it be possible to insert more tactics (training) in the modification of the coaches as well? Thank you
  3. Hello, I would really like to be able to import tactics created by me on an AI coach, I know that with the IF editor it is possible because we can choose the positions with which the AI trainer plays, do you think sela possible? thank you
  4. Hello, I would like thanks to FMRTE that the players can quickly reach their maximum level, I think that it must be possible quite simply but how to do? which note to modify? Is there a function that allows for example a nugget to have its maximum level over more or less a year? thank you
  5. hello, would it be possible to add the swap staff function? and that when we exchange a coach that is to record in his career and that the trophies to win with the club is also added, as does the editor of SI, for example, I exchange tuchel with alegri, when the psg wins the league 1 that this one is in the palmares of alegri, which is not the case with the former fmrte Thank you
  6. 1. yes that's exactly his eg take control of KLOPP 2.transfer a player without exchange, with a transfer amount chosen by myself, taking into account the transfer in the palmares 3.I would like to be able to import my tactics (ex 3412) but with the posts that I use (ex: f9 af ect) tks my friend to answer me
  7. Hello, sorry for my bad english I'm french I have a request, it's been years that I ask SI on their forums to be able to take control of an existing coach, but apparently do not need too much real change from one fm to another is not interested when it's asked a lot, in short I wanted to know if it was not possible to do it with FMRTE, as we can exchange coach from one club to another is it not possible to take the control of a real trainer to increase his palmares for example 2nd request I would like us to have a possibility like the in game editor of SI to transfer a player or a tra
  8. hello everyone, since the MAJ fmrte impossible to freeze the physical condition of the players that I reguler dabitude on 120000 did you notice this problem?
  9. hi, I noticed that on old opus I could change the way a coach to see his philosophy (see picture frames) we can not anymore? my 2nd picture shows options on fmrte that I do not understand, example what is the use of "attaking training" how does it affect the coach? thank you if you have a guide to what the preselection options are for fmrte I am interested because I think it has a potential that I do not exploit
  10. hello, my software tells me that I can not use an activation key because I have reached the maximum, I have to reinstall my pc is is use that 2 so this would be my 3rd and I am denied
  11. it is normal that the game does not want to go offline? so I had to update and fmrte does not work anymore
  12. Hello. I would like to add tactics for AI coaches in preferred tactics, I find the "tactical" folder in fmrte but the tactics proposed in the file can not be imported into fmrte nor even the one I create, solution? thank you
  13. totti365

    import tactic

    Hello everyone, as announced in the title I would like to import a tactic that I created personally in order to put in tactics preferred other coach, is this possible? thank you
  14. Small question is what the patch corrects much weakness of the ME? I find the game not realistic this year
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