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  1. My folder with frozen players 3704176.rar I guess that I find a problem so i have a question I must set on freezing settings as in the ss below? I have only freez condition, match sharpness and Jadedness rest of attrib I want it to grow or fall normally https://imgur.com/YnBCCiY https://imgur.com/YnBCCiY https://imgur.com/YnBCCiY
  2. Game and FMRTE versions.
  3. https://imgur.com/0OldIQY https://imgur.com/0OldIQY https://imgur.com/0OldIQY Game and FMRTE versions.
  4. When I freez my player and changing condition to 10000 after a match condition decreases, match sharpness its ok and don't decreases.
  5. When I use prests "legends" on the staf all Roles atributes was changing to value 20 but on prest "world class" or international is everything good and Roles Atributtes is on deafult value.
  6. I want to add match exercise on freezer option to section "ignore" but I can't find this on the list.
  7. My club building a new stadium and I can change date shame that I can't change upgrade date.
  8. Still I can't find option to change date stadium upgrade :/
  9. It is possible to fix a problem with edit a prize money for poland Lotto Ekstraklasa? Lotto ekstraklasa has other rules than, for example english premiership. FInal stage have two groups championship and relegation group so when I edit a prize money in fmrte I edit it for a 1 club in relegation group not in champinship group. P.s Sorry for my english.
  10. I have this same problem. But my save game is with custom database files etc so I think that doesnt work for you. But I suppose that the reason it doesn't work is a situation when my club moves to the other stadium during reconstruction time I'm right ?
  11. So this options works only with stadiums not with traning facilities etc.?
  12. And where I find this option? Because my club starting bulding young and training facilities and I can't find option that's alows me to change finish day.
  13. For FM16 in fmrte was add otpion " Edit building maintenance and upgrade schedules for club " (bulid 18). In FMRTE 17 this option is available?
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