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  1. please excuse my ignorance - how do I do that, have not done it before. Thanks
  2. Hi, I saw this on another thread and have the same issue...the tab is not available for me and currently have a board agreed expansion under way (nearly completed): screen shots attached Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Eddie.
  3. I get the same issue as nonlondoner….cannot import the templates, making it very frustrating having bought a licence. can you give a guide please on how to simply import the game file.
  4. I couldn't locate this feature in FM19 either...FM18 I think I recall it was there. Has anyone worked it out?
  5. Hi All, I have recently purchased licence to FMKE, however am struggling to import templates etc. into FMKE to even start editing? Any ideas? I know the path to the folders etc but think the file type *.FMKE is not available i.e. they are in different file format. FMRTE does load the game files correctly for me, but not FMKE. I did try the create a whole new kit but seems quite complicated having had a little play. Appreciate your help please. Thanks
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