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  1. Hello, I swapped a staff member (DoF) from my club with another club. It said it was successful however when i checked for the new staff member - even though by searching he showed as being at my club, he wasn't on the staff list. The one that should be gone is still in the list with no job. When i search for the old staff member he comes up as unemployed. I cant hire a new DoF as it states i already have one, even though I don't.
  2. Meant fmrte.com lol. Auto correct is also on MacBooks as it is on iPhones raaaaa!
  3. fm-base.co.uk and fmscout.com. There are some really good face packs on there. Of course other sites are available However those 2 plus forte.com are the only sites you'll ever need for FM related stuff. You get some good stories on football manager stories and some other good sites. The FM community is defo the best as we all share everything, knowledge, etc...
  4. johnstreep

    iFMRTE 14

    Does no one else use bootcamp? It comes with all intel based macs and runs much quicker than running windows on you osx desktop. I've been on mac for 5 years now and it never bothers me if software is compatible cos i just restart in my windows partition and presto. Or do people not know bout bootcamp?
  5. The SI one is not even in the same league as Braca's. It's so bare lol I'll pay a tenner for yours easy. Of course I'm not encouraging it haha
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