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  1. Swapping players works but when I attempt to swap Nationa callup it fails and does not provide feedback. I attach a screen shot.
  2. Automatically selecting a players best role is fine. However, if a team has too many players in that role then the Manager may wish to change a players role. It follows that the ability to turn on or off the "automatic" facility would address that problem nicely. Thank you for that great idea.
  3. Before the latest FMRTE update, pressing the "Legend" button on a Player screen sets all paramenters to 20. Now, a few parameters are set to 20 the rest are lower - not a true "Legend". Moreover, pressing the + button which appears on the headings "Technical", "Mental" and "Physical" does not increase the parameters. To achieve the desired "Legend" effect it is necessary to change every parameter individually - a very time consuming task! I consider this to be a bug and should be grateful if it could be resolved
  4. Even with the latest update the happiness remains at zero.
  5. I have noticed that in the Staff section of FMRTE people are appearing twice. As an example, I provide a screen print showing two identical Chairmen. I have uninstalled/reinstalled FMRTE but that does not resolve the problem. Can please offer any suggestions or is this a software bug?
  6. I have noticed that the player layout of FMRTE 20 no longer alignes completely with the player reports in the game. The discrepancies are best illustrated by comparing the two attached screen prints for a player called Toby King. A close examination of Goalkeeping, Mental, Physical and technical paramaters illustrates this point. There is also an issue with Player Happiness where in the game it is very good but FMRTE shows it as zero. Would you please address these issues.
  7. Sponsors do appear in FMRTE and they can be edited. However, FMRTE does not report the same as those shown in the game. For example, Continental Competition Sponsorship shows in the game but not in FMRTE. I can add it to FMRTE (see my uploaded image) but when FMRTE refreshes it has disappeared.
  8. Player Happiness has worked with previous versions of FRMRT but with FMRTE 20 happiness always reverts to zero after changes are made. See the attached screen shot.
  9. I am already playing the Beta of FM 2020 but I am not asking for release dates etc for FMRTE 20. I have only one very simple question - do you "intend" to produce FMRTE 20?
  10. I attempted to update FMRTE to build 9 but received a warning from Bit-defender that it exhibited ransomware behaviour. Unfortunately your system refuses to accept the screen print because it is larger than 20.48kb - this is the first time that this has happened. This a text extract: - The process C:\Users\stank\AppData\Local\Temp\is-S591D.tmp\FMRTE manifests ransomware behavior and was blocked.
  11. Sorry for my error. The issue is now reported in the bugs platform.
  12. In earlier versions of FMRTE the team was always sorted by position i.e. Goalkeepers first, Defemders next etc with strikers at the bottom. Now they are sorted alphabetically but can be sorted in reverse alphabetic order. Can they please be sorted by playing position?
  13. I have now tried to install the recently downloaded FMRTE version 16.2.0 (build 17) but I am still told that it is not compatible. However, I think that I might have discovered why. I am a Microsoft Windows Insider running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit version 1511 build 10586.36 so I wondered whether there were issues with this restricted released operating system. I have another PC running the officially released Windows 10 Pro 64 bit version 10240 so I tried to instal FMRTE on that machine. I am delighted to report that it did run. It would appear that version 1511 is the cause of the problem
  14. Yes that is correct and I agree that it should be able to run - but it won't! I suppose it is possible my downloaded version of FMRTE is corrupted so I will download it once more and try again.
  15. Since my PC is running Windows 10 64 bit then I am certain that my CPU supports 64 bit. As further evidence I attach a screen print showing that I have an Intel i7-4790 CPU and that my system is indeed a 64 bit operating system.
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