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  1. I've posted my bug problems over at the bug tracker forum but it seems i can't find a way to post the bug report over at the archived forum (for FMRTE17). Can you or the mods please move my bug report problem thread there to the relevant archive bug report forum? Thank you and i sincerely apologize again for this.
  2. Ok. but instead of opening 2 similar threads of FMRTE 15 and FMRTE 17, I am only going to open one thread specifically for FMRTE 17 (FM2017) over at the bug tracker forum because the error produced by FMRTE 17/15 is exactly as the one mentioned in the old FMRTE11(FM2011) thread. Note that I have not tested this for FMRTE 18/FMRTE 19 as i do not buy FM2018/19 and i only have FM2015 and FM2017 installed on my desktop computer.
  3. I have both FM 2015 latest version and FM 2017 latest version from Steam installed on my computer and i play 2 long term saves on those 2 FM version. But when both save file reached the year 2200, FMRTE stopped loading my save. Why does this happen and can this be resolved? This is really bad for people who has paid for the software. As far as I'm aware, there is another thread discussing this problem on the old FM 2011 but no developers seem to answer his question: Anyway, help from developers would be greatly welcomed as i use FMRTE to change my club's kit colors every 2 years and this problem is really disappointing to occur.
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