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  1. What bugs/issues did you encounter: What is your FM version: Last What is your FMRTE version: Which operating system are you using: Win7 ENG 64bit I've same issue. After today i update the FMRTE, then i can't see my own manager in the Favorites or can't see when i search my name. Also in the game (and in FMRTE also) i can't see my manager in my favorite player relation where i was early (not saved anywhere, just load) => see attachment. Yesterday everything was fine and the game don't update, checked. The FMRTE is updated today. In the pic you can see the right side where i lost (and lost in favorites and search also.
  2. Hi, I can edit the national Kits and Colours, but i cannot add new items I need to add shorts and socks, because some national teams have two shirts and this is not enough. Thanks, Attila
  3. What is your FM version: FM 19.3.4. Screenshot is below. What is your FMRTE version:- FMRTE19.3.4 (build 35) I have used the update feature says I am using the current version , screenshot is below. Are you Beta testing for S.I.- No Are you running FMRTE as administrator- YES What is your question: - In the FMRTE can i setting up new transfers for my players? If i can then how to do this? I like to send some of my players to other clubs because in real life these players transferred to other clubs from my club. Same as transfer update but just for my team. I like to see these players to transfer to these clubs (not other clubs, just there where're in the real life) the next transfer window (or immediately). I know, i can change the clubs for the players (with change players), but if i use this feature they're not record in the player history and don't pay the club also...so i like to do this the most lifelike way. Which is the most lifelike way to send some of my players to other clubs? Or can i make new future transfers? Any help is appreciated many thanks. Any other information: my operating system is windows 7 64bit.
  4. To add Like person would be good, nice idea! I'll try it. Thanks.
  5. So i added a new manager and give hím a national position, then terminate the contract in the game. If have in the FMRTE any process for terminate any national manager contract, that would be great.
  6. Thanks, i know. I needed this in midgame, not when starting a new game.
  7. Yes, correctly. But yesterday i found in FMRTE18 where can i terminate the nation manager contract. But after that the football association do not chosen me. I tried it sometimes, but not chosen me. So I like to sit in the nation team manager chair in the middle of the game, but now in fmrte18 i can't know how i can reach this. I think if there any button or something where i can get that chair it would be great.
  8. Hi, In the game when i'm role the club manager, and i want to be a national manager also, then i need force to sack the actual national manager from this position in the FMRTE. I think this is what i need (one of them maybe): 1. Only sack the actual national manager and after this i can to apply this position, 2. Sack the man in the national manager position and after that i can choose to me for this role... Can you code this national position changes in the next FMRTE (19)? Thanks a lot of, Attila
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