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  1. @BraCa Hi, SI just released another Hot Fix https://community.sigames.com/topic/528215-football-manager-2020-2044-hotfix-out-now/
  2. Thanks Pal, I want to add that I'm able to load game saves with the new FM update but the loading time is huge and the games has started crushes sometime I don't remember that before I was able to load game saves with outdated FMRTE... that's weird 🤨
  3. @culturedleftfoot Hey, FM20 has been updated to 20.4.1 so could you update FMRTE too Thank you.
  4. Oppss... I made a post in a wrong thread 😄
  5. @culturedleftfoot FM has been updated Could you add support of the the current version Thank you
  6. I hope it won't take long to update FMRTE! thanks!
  7. New patch 14.3.0 has been released! -)
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