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  1. call any chance of a link to it many thanks
  2. Morning/afternoon/evening all I really want to destroy a team 100% so I have tried using destroy team button ... a few times it did not work right releasing all players ... for some reason they used gen players that were better then some of the players that were released putting the team as much debt as possible ... there is a max amount that can be used lowered the reputation down to 1 lowered the sponsors down to £1 each put the company voluntary agreement up to the max it can be set the wage budget down to the minimal they are using now and they STILL won the league last year so question what more can I do to destroy them so that they cannot come back many thanks
  3. shame it is a bit late for me as i had to reinstall steam onto my new laptop so the update come along with it
  4. mesaratz

    si games

    yes I know never even got to the problem as soon as they knew I used fmrte they did not want to know but yes kingrobbo they are crap!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. mesaratz

    si games

    just got fobbed off by SI games as my game crashes all the time (football manager 2016) and they asked what editor i used i said that i use FMRTE and got the old well we sorry since you used that we cannot help you any more bye.. what a pain in the ass!!!
  6. mesaratz


    Hi All I was not going to get this years Football manager 2016 BUT since it come down in prince (for a weekend) i brought it football manager with out FMRTE is not worth playing. The problem i am having is that my star player keeps getting injured and i mean really injured he was out fr 8 months the last time just come back 2nd game and he is out again for a year!! is there any way to stop this, i have done the normal i.e. injury proneness to 1 and natural fitness is 20, but am i missing anything oh and i have put his match sharpness to 25498 which i read was meant to be super fit etc. Many thanks for any help
  7. had this happen to me but the player (cannot remember his name) was playing at both clubs (on the same time/date) I fixed it by selling him in the end and then to the in build editor and just placed him at my club the other one then disappeared.
  8. mesaratz

    Major bug!

    this is a known problem
  9. i always use the preset of very poor and normally after a season they are released on a free and retire
  10. GoBLin what files do I need to back to make this happen? Many thanks
  11. it is a shame that steam doesn't give users an option to update or not that way we would could only update once FMRTE has been updated!!!
  12. many thanks great work and thanks for the warning about any future updates with luck steam will stay in "off line mode"
  13. mesaratz

    Any ideas?

    All low he is trying to sell the club there are no offers at the moment
  14. mesaratz

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks Greyfox Once again you come to the rescue once I dropped the score to one he wants to sell the club ... happy days
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