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  1. I Would Also Like to Know That, And Do They hold Every Ball with the Fitness Cheat? i always use the match exercise field, what is the effect fitness? match exercise seems to speed players up. Makes stats work better. So what works better?
  2. Dear Everyone/All, Is it possible to create with fmrte a new player in the database? I would love to make a /my Son ingame. And to train him play with him ect. Greetz Timmy
  3. Dear Sir/Maddam, Dear Braca, Can i use Fmrte in offline mode? Or do i always need an internet connection? and does that also work on older FMRTE versions? Yours Sincerly,
  4. Is it possible to freeze the match exercise number in the player profile? And what is the max number you can fill in theire? I once tried 30.000 and it worked now im wondering how high is the number you can fill in here
  5. Timmy

    Can't save changes

    had same problem but after running as administrator i was able to change the financial part. About the activation keys yes i had to reactivate to, it just simply deactivated during a game play
  6. Timmy

    Double player

    I reconize the problem. Its nothing to worry about. First check if the player ID is the same If it is the same than you can change it with another not yet existing player ID Or/Than Just give him an amateur contract or an higher age and he will retire/or play on that amateur contract The problem is random, and easy to avoid First this problem does not come with the copy player function! It happens somethimes when you change something in a players BIO i have had that problem with changing Match Exersise That players coppied themselves. After a match but its so rare it only happend to me 2 or 3 times in a season, and i changed a lot with fmrte. So dont be worried! If you have changed something to a player check after the next ingameday if he copied himself. just type in his name in fmrte in the search field. If the guy is theire twice than reload youre old savegame. Or do the steps above Do NOT use autosaves! always make handmade saves!
  7. Mesaratz i think this is the solution for you. I had also an error after exiting the game ..... 1 error those are called XML Parsing Errors, If you have played football manager 2013 or 2012 and you havent put off youre pc in a correct way than you get the errors. Also when you play the game and the computer restarts becouse of an windows update than you get those errors. It has nothing to do with fmrte. This is the Solution for the Fm12 version but its the same for the FM13 version. After you have deleted the folder restart the game it will ask you to recreate youre profile. Just create it again. It will not show youre curent save games! Just start a new game, after the new game is lanced press load save game and theire they are youre old savegames again. Save youre old save game again and the errors are solved And youre game is back to normal, errorless http://www.fmscout.com/q-3532-Im-getting-XML-Parsing-Errors-help.html *This way you only delete youre profile! The solution is done in 5 minutes, i did option 2 just deleted the settings and the error was gone* What the others say is true, always be carefull but fmrte is not cousing the troubles. My experience is that only ussing the future transfers option is dangerous if you do it in a wrong way without backup saves.
  8. Youre second question how to make youre player EPL ready is a difficult one. Couse i dont know the reasons. It can be that they need a work permit, you can ask that to the board/competition but mostly it will happen automatically And at the begin of the season you will recieve a warning that you need to give them shirtnumbers everyone with a shirtnumber is playlegal, at least in 99,9% of the competitions Championsleague and Eurocup is a different story Players U21 are automatically useable for 1st team without registration
  9. Well euhm are you already playing a lot of seasons? Couse that need to be done before starting a career If youre still able and willing to restart a new game than install these links *i hope braca wont see this as advertisement* Its only to answer youre question To make the team logos right: http://www.fmscout.com/a-sps-logos-megapack-for-fm13.html Big red button on the right side "download now" To make the leaguenames right: http://www.fmscout.com/a-fm13-data-england-level-9-plus-real-club-and-competition-names.html same thing big red button on the right side "Download now" And you get 3 more lvls in the english competition And if you wanna have more player pictures: http://www.fmscout.com/a-df11-facepacks-2013.html dont forget to dowload also download 16-24 But if you have just started yesterday and willing to make changes than i would restart the career and dowload those patches They will change team names, and competition names and clublogo's couse theire is a lot that is not compleetly right Again its not advertisement its to help clownprince
  10. I was looking through the hidden stats to see if they are changing something. But a new FMRTE and a new football manager means a fresh start with fresh youngsters. So i was wondering what exactly do those stats mean/what do they really do? And what are they doing? And are they important for training? Stat 1. Adaptability = what does this stat do? Stat 2. Ambition = i know this stat has something to do with pay rises and the will to leave to a bigger team. But is a player with a high ambition also less lazy on a training day? Stat 3. Controversy, the higher the stat the more problems he makes? Stat 4. Loyalty = a high stat means that he will be loyal to the team and wont sign somewhere else? Stat 5. Pressure = The higher the stat the more pressure he can deal with? Stat 6. = Professionalism, does this also effect training rate? And is it positive to have a player with a lot of professionalism or does this struggle the team balance? Stat 7. = Sportmanship? Stat 8. = Temperament, a high number means that he easily gets cards? And that he will make trouble? Please dont say look in a translation guide because some stats can have good and bad effects. And are there more stats that are important for a youngster to grow?
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