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  1. Hi, I would like to export a list of persons from FMRTE to a CSV file, but I don't find the option. edit: My bad, I don't think FMRTE ever featured this.
  2. Some years ago, I made a spreadsheet to compare the different editors, feature by feature. It's mostly in French and pretty chaotic to read. Features in red are data impossible to edit ingame. Pre-game editor features begin at line 62. Do not care about "requêté" column, it only means if the feature has been requested to the developers. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YkYHTBA6NPJDz4PMJHJABQ9r8Oq7EjVPTCAC49GaKE8/edit#gid=803535221
  3. Hi, This thread is made to prevent people from making frustrating mistakes after they build a new database. I'm talking about the data you better have to be sure it's correct before throwing yourself into a long FM save. From my experience with FM16, neither FMRTE nor SI's ingame editor can edit: - Team name. Sure you can edit them via LNC files but the name you write is erasing all lengths of names : long name and short name. Even more annoying, the LNC files only work with teams which were already in the default database. That means if your club has not
  4. Does editing chairman attributes in FMRTE can influence club policy as workaround? For instance, put 20 at "resources" and "ambition" of a chairman to get the equivalent of "become the best club in...".
  5. I found out a very odd bug in FMRTE16 after editing the first and last names of some players. If you replace the name of a player with a very common name, e.g. Dias, FMRTE16 will replace the name of plenty other players with the said name. For instance, I wanted to replace the name of someone with "Emil Larsen", in fact with "Emil Larsen" (there is an overspace because copy-paste is buggy for names in FMRTE16), then random players have shown their name modified in my save.
  6. Hi, First, I would like to thank the team for all the done work. I'm currently exploring this app before starting my very first game in FM 2016 and I can say that the range of possibilities is very satisfying regarding what we were able to do some years ago. Then my questions: You can tick or untick "Allow Licensed Kits" in the "Information" panel of each team. What does this term mean? About the alert feature (subscriptions/notifications), is there a tip for tracking ALL the players of the database at once? When I'm using FMRTE in the foreground, my main keyboard s
  7. It works now. I can remove a loan with the normal Remove function and the item is seen deleted in the FMRTE UI. What I just did before was to reopening my game in FM and relaunch FMRTE. To see the effect of the loan removing in FM16 UI, you need to progress the time. Note: I didn't relaunch FMRTE on purpose, it crashed when I tried to reload the game in FMRTE and I can repeat the crash if I re-open my game in FM16 again then load the game in FMRTE. (error message:An unexpected error occurred, if this problem continues please send the error.log file that was created in FMRTE folder to
  8. The UI is pretty misleading in FMRTE 16. It says you can remove a loan but it doesn't act.
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