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  1. @hei28skk Could you explain where I find this "stadium upgrades tab" or maybe provide some screenshots? I'm not sure that is in the FMRTE 18 edition.
  2. Hey! I was wondering if you guys would consider adding back the options to edit your stadium expansions. It would be great if we could forward the expansion completion date and maybe change the expansion size. This should also apply to building new stadiums. It would be a really cool feature that would add alot of value to me atleast.
  3. My My bad.. Any chance you can redirect my post to the right thread?
  4. Sorry Killernl but I'm glad its not only me who has this problem. Its really weird cause the game recognizes that you have spectators in the games, since I have on average 21.000. They're just invisible.
  5. I've sent you a message with the link including the error log file of fmrte if it should be necessary.
  6. I have only 20 kb left of uploade size and the file is 105 kb
  7. I can try.. give me a sec. Seems like I've used the max total size I can uploade in this thread.
  8. From what I know, It's not possible to import a tactic through FMRTE into another team/manager. You can change the prefered formation and tactical attributes of a team, but I don't think its possible to import a tactic to a team/manager in general.
  9. Is Montella a coach in your club, B-manager, U19-manager, or is he a manager in a completely different team? I'm not sure exactly what you're asking?
  10. Thank you mate! As far as I can see noone has had this problem before, so I hope you'll be able to look into it.. tell me if you need anything.
  11. Yeah.. I've tried that multiple times. I've tried saving in a new file, shutting FM down and reopening and reloading and they're still not showing. The weird thing is that it only seems to be a problem on Brøndby Stadion, because the specators show on away games.
  12. I've tried changing stadium to a new stadium - Telia Parken. But it still just shows Brøndby Stadion with no spectators. I've tried swapping the owner of both Brøndby Stadion and Telia Parken. Next I thought I could just build a new stadium, so I added funds and got a new stadium approved - in 2017. I dont really feel like waiting 2 years is an option. I think that the Unique ID connected to this buggy stadium Brøndby Stadion is bugged. Anyone have any suggestions I can try?
  13. Hi Guys I've come into a mayor problem concerning the new "Reforce 3D Stadium Rebuild". I'm playing with Brøndby IF and the standard generated stadium was oval, so I thought I'd try the new feature in case that I could get a new stadium, that looked more like the real one. When I played my first home game after trying the feature It still was oval but the end section was a bit different with the roof, so it worked I guess. The problem was just, that all the specators were gone showing abandoned stands. I really really hope that this can be fixed, because I've spent really long time o
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