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  1. I was told to report this bug here. Seems to be a long-standing issue as I haven't seen it fixed in recent FMRTE editions. Before I start, some quick personal terminology: I'm going to refer to the home/away/third kit's "shirt", "socks", "shorts", "icon", and "text" as "kit parts" and the "foreground", "background", "outline", "number colour", and "number outline colour" as "color parts" to simplify things. Additionally, when I refer to the "Custom colors palette", I am talking about the color boxes below the "basic colors" when selecting a color for the various color parts of a ki
  2. Whenever I try to install FMRTE16, nothing ever loads. I double click the installation .exe file and nothing happens. If I look in my processes, there's 3-4 FMRTE processes running but nothing ever comes up. Anyone else having this issue? EDIT: Nevermind. Apparently after restarting my computer 3-4 times and running installation as administrator, that did the trick.
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