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  1. Sounds great. thanks for the answer
  2. Guys, are you planning to open the new version for beta testing? If you need testing player with QA experience pls let me know. I could test it in both mac or pc.
  3. Thanks a lot for the great answers... I will add one more thing... supporting FMRTE it's supporting a developer that has been doing a great work since a couple of years.... Thanks Braca !!!
  4. jajajajaja... loved the answer.... but can you explain a little more..
  5. So guys, I haven't bought the game yet, since I'm waiting to get an offer on black friday.. but I've realized that sigames launched and add similar to FMRTE. before everybody criticizes me I am a fan of FMRTE and Bracas work, not only a supporter sincer FM12 but a really fanatic of his project. But since this 2014 release sigames decided to launch an official saving game editor I would love to understand what are the differences... thanks in advance for the answer.
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