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  1. What version of FM 2019 do you have? 19.2.3 What version of FMRTE 19 do you have? 19.2.3 Do you have a savegame before the swap? Yes. Pm'd If you have, please upload your savegame to dropbox (or similar) and send me the link through PM I'll need a step-by-step guide about how to reproduce the issue Pm'd Can you easily replicate the issue? If so, please provide a savegame, and provide a step-by-step guide about how to reproduce the issue Yes. Pm'd
  2. Mine is freezing as well. Tried swapping the French national team manager with someone else, but it froze.
  3. I'll do that later. But I'd like to also point out that for existing sponsorships, they work just fine. It's only if I add a new sponsorship and set it to expire in a short time that it goes bonkers.
  4. What bugs/issues did you encounter: Adding sponsorship to a club with an expiry date does not accurately translate in-game I added a new sponsor to a club: General Sponsorship...Value 300,000,000...Expire Date 11/06/2033 Current Date 1/5/2032 In the game, it translates to Value Per Season 27m...until 11/6/2033...Duration 10 years...Total Value 270m 10 years? Why 10 years? What is your FM version: 17.3.1 What is your FMRTE version: I have used the update feature says I am using the current version Which operating system are you using: windows 10 Attach any FMRTE error logs: none
  5. Hey guys, Is there any way in which we can bring players / staffs back from retirement? Or better yet, to prevent them from retiring?
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