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  1. Any help would be appreciated. I can’t load saved games etc thanks. Error message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  2. SKP

    FMRTE 19 for Mac Os

    Tried my best to do that👍
  3. SKP

    FMRTE 19 for Mac Os

    Same as mentioned above; needs to be executed with admin privileges but I can't??
  4. I've noticed that when you "swap players", your new players are then not available to register for your Pre Season Training Camp or for your League Squad Registration. Quite a major flaw.
  5. I'm having issues installing this. I download it from your link..it saves into my Downloads folder. I run/open it..it says it installed successfully but I don't know where it is? And the installation wizard doesn't let you change the install location or tell you the install location? Edit: I had the same issues with the last release, since you changed the format it's downloaded in. Edit2: Sorted it.
  6. Maybe he just finds the work more difficult to produce FMRTE for the mac? Maybe it is more time consuming? The way some people go on on here, you'd think he releases the Windows version then goes on holiday to Barbados for two weeks. I know you've (we've) all paid our money, but can you really not play the game without this cheat/tool??
  7. Ha'way lads, he is working on it. Give him too hard a time and next year he might not bother with FMRTE for Mac.
  8. New patch released today. Look forward to the update for FMRTE
  9. Disregard my comment about the Search Filter, after rebooting it started working once I right clicked it!
  10. ..for some reason the Search Filter function has stopped working for me? Anyone else? the popup menu doesn't appear anymore when I click it.
  11. The player swap/save function has been fixed. Well done/thanks!
  12. The error message says: Object reference not set to an instance of an object ERROR saveSwap I've tried rebooting both FM14 and FMRTE14 and the problem persists.
  13. I'm having issues using the Swap Players tool. I swap the players the same way I did in FMRTE12 and FMRTE13 but when I click save an Error pops up. The player on my FM14 is then in my squad but unable to play for my team and when you click them they are actually still at their previous club and I'm able to make a transfer offer for them. Would appreciate any help, maybe it's something I'm doing wrong? Anyone else have a similar problem?
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