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  1. Especially making professionalism 127 really helps with growth progression of players. I get your reasoning behind this though I have a workaround combining CE with FMRTE so that it won't decline but It's a bit hassle so It would be great to have it like used to but it's ok I can live with that.
  2. I know you don't advise editing attributes out of the 1-20 range but when I edited personality attributes as 127 only professionalism reverts back to 1, other attributes stays at 127 Can you fix professionalism's issue with reverting back? Prior to FM 20 it wasn't like this, it always stayed at 127 but since FM 20 it always reverts back to 1 Making professionalism 127 really helps with the progress and training
  3. It reflects after you pass a day or two but It does not happen instantly. If that is normal then please close this thread.
  4. Yes you can edit the standings, but It does not reflect what you did in FMRTE 20 to FM20. When I edit the points of a team and increase them higher than other teams their place don't change,
  5. @Ramie Bay Yes, you can use that for only one player like that; Get in "that" player's profile in FMRTE and click that "Copy Unique ID" button. And open below attached file with a text editor, and paste that Unique ID in that section where "XXXXXX" 's placed in below attached file. And change all "12749" to what ever you want to use. Just like any other preset load it in FMRTE. But now you have to use "that" section below in screenshot. This file will work for only "that"
  6. @matsk89 He only edited Jadedness. If you want to test the effect of match sharpness and match exercise you can try these presets. 12749.xml 13000.xml 14000.xml 15000.xml 16000.xml 17000.xml 18000.xml 19000.xml
  7. Yes it works in all FMRTE and FM versions. I think we can create a sub forum for gathering all presets, It would be helpful to find all in one place.
  8. They are all fitness cheat. "Jadedness" is a fitness cheat too but you don't need to edit your player's match fitness or sharpness. It shows your player as "needs a rest" but makes your player restless. 12749 will give %100 fitness to stamina 10+ players for entire match but results will not guarantee a win. 13000, 14000, 15000 are truly fitness cheats for outperform. Especially with 15000 you can easily win. If you are managing a LLM team or an underdog and you want to win some cup matches, big matches etc. values between 15000-25498 gives you much more guaranteed wins in
  9. Making player's "Jadedness" 10000 is still working as well as other fitness cheats. I'll add some of my presets. Jadedness.xml 12749.xml 13000.xml 14000.xml 15000.xml
  10. That's what I thought so too.
  11. @BraCa I think It is false positive but Kaspersky flagged it in VirusTotal https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/5498330cd20a80212e8127fa4f4e6583f2f82dcf084439f3b98032598311103d/detection
  12. I think they are using over 200 PA for overgrowth their players and challenge the game. It has not the same effects like "fitness cheats".
  13. And yes I tested It too and "match sharpness" is not working. But "jadedness 10000" and other "condition cheats" are still working.
  14. This may not be a bug than a glitch cause It doesn't effect anything important. Just like when you set a player's CA over 200 and after save/load that player is not showing up FMRTE search listings.
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