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    [19] - crash dunp

    What bugs/issues did you encounter: What is your FM version: 19.39.5 What is your FMRTE version: 19 Which operating system are you using: windows good evening. since a few days I can no longer play with fm19. From a search made also with the customer support of the SI, the problem seems to be the file too ruined by the continuous rescue with FMRTE19. Do you have any solutions? can the file be fixed? thank you Attachments: 776372913_FM2019v19.3.5.1225655(2019_08_1601_04.47).dmp
  2. absolutely yes!!!!! Purchase license every year I !!!! the problem happened only this year , the previous years did not happen , they are often forced to insert a different rate because the data are deleted , do not know what to do , as well as angry !!! thank you
  3. some answers ? plaese help me!!!
  4. Hello to all. I downloaded the latest version of fmrte16 ( but I now always happens ) . When I go to change the values and the PA of the players the changes are not saved , the restart made many variants are not saved . I run the file as an administrator , but things do not change , every time I have to change the players' values . Thanks for the reply Franco
  5. spagna82

    save players

    ok thanks I check new options! Bye
  6. spagna82

    save players

    you 've done this , I took the name of the player and I changed to the new name . you know where you can save these names to be able to use in other games
  7. spagna82

    save players

    ok . I added about 200 new players in the database with fmrte16 to start my game , now I want to start a new game and I want to use those players who have entered . How do I save the list of players that I created in the first game ? thank you
  8. spagna82

    save players

    Good evening , I have a question : you can save the players entered in a game of FM16, to use them in a new game ? thank you
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