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  1. Hello, Yes I am running it as administrator. And I tried the debug mode. It changed nothing, I still have the same issue.
  2. Hello ! Here is my problem : when I try to edit the common names, it doesn't work. For example, I tried to edit this regen (named Bruno) and it doesn't work, putting me his last name instead of common name I want to edit. The seach also doesn't work. You never get the right name when you type it (I specify, it's only in common name editing). Here are the pics. I'm using FM 19.1.5 and last version of FMRTE Thank you very much
  3. I'm using FM 18.1.2 and FMRTE 18.1.2 as well.
  4. Oh i'm sorry, I thought it was clear enough. So here is the problem : when I edit skin or hair color, it doesn't change anything in the match engine. For example, I tried to edit De Bruyne's skin and hair color, and it still looked the same in the game. I attach 2 screenshots so u can see. Thank you !
  5. Hello, I noticed that when I edit the skin or the hair color on FMRTE, it has absolutely no effect on the game. Does someone else have this problem ? Thank you !
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