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  1. Ticket price doesn't change.
  2. When will the ticket prices change? It has broken since the beginning of the year 😔
  3. We can edit Average Match Ticket Price in Finance page of any club. However, this does not change when using a preset or Mass edit function. In the edit screen But doesn't chane in the game Please fixed.
  4. Hello guys. I lost the key,Where can I find the key? KK i found this.
  5. Okey I finally found the problem. I think import/export button is crash for the game.
  6. 1.Run FMRTE as administrator- YES 2.Dowload current version- YES 3.Reboot system- YES 4.Debug mode- YES 5.Clear cache FMRTE -YES 6.Fresh install fmrte-YES 7.Flear cache FM17(version being used)- YES 8.Verify game integrity FM17(version being used)- YES 9.Fresh install FM17(version being used) - YES And still crashing
  7. No i did'nt try but now i will try. If I have using FMRTE in game when game is crashing report same to attach. Screenshot is 17.3 but error still in progress.
  8. Sorry for answering i don't understand question before. Which editor data files are you using, if any: Just using real fixed names and I haven't made any other changes. I have tested new version but still crashing.
  9. What bugs/issues did you encounter: 17.3.1f939048 (uptade) What is your FM version: 17.3.1 What is your FMRTE version: 17.3.1 How big is your database size: Large Which editor data files are you using, if any: Something growing domestic clubs and fixed director Which operating system are you using: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit What changes have you done to your save, if any: Same answer before 2 questions(Something growing domestic clubs and fixed director) Are you using any like-for-like software alongside FMRTE?: No Attach any FMRTE error logs: No error logs
  10. Last patch FMRTE crashing error for FM. I think new version this crash is fixed.
  11. Hello, I have been using FMRTE and firstly damaged the game. Sigames admins is saying FMRTE crash the my game. Because every game is (17.3.0f936783) error.
  12. I know but I don't have pre-game editor and I don't want to start over again.
  13. Hi friends,can we change the rules of the european union? In my game United Kingdom is leaving to eu and work-permit is biggest problem for me,can there be help?
  14. Hi guys,where do we fix brexit? Because United kingdom will leaving at the end of the season.
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