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  1. hey mates! I would love to see the addition of the new roles? in FM19.. i cant find where to upgrade the attributes for the "inverted Winger" role.. or is it under a diffrent name in MFRTE?
  2. yeah i get that some things are hardcoded, like rules and such. i was more thinking about every aspect of the players/team possibilitys... but like i said, i dont know how that works, and im sure people have tried before. =) But it would be cool to have an editor where you can change everything about the players/clubs =)
  3. This might be the wrong forum, then feel free to move. this is not so much a suggestion or question, but more of a ”what if” or ”is it even possible” i was thinking the other day when i fiddeled around the official pre game editor. what if someone ”took” all the info from that program, and made a real time editor, being able to edit pretty much EVERYTHING in game.. how nice would that be? i mean, i love FMRTE, but it has its limitations, as do the official pregamenwditor, and even the official in game editor (wich really sucks when you thin about it) but would that even be possible? I mean, to make the pregame editor real from an active game instead of the database? Im asking since i have no idea how those things work, and im kinda curious if we would ever be able to have a complete editor like that..
  4. hi! this might seem like a stupid question, but im wondering how CA would work for this scenario. ill try to explain best i can. 1. say i got a squad full of 200 PA players at young age. They all have REALLY crappy stats, like 1-5 on most of the stats. and all their CA is, say 50ish. If i would raise the CA, to say..160. Would that mean that progressing a few weeks ingame would see their stats all raise to a level that matches their new 160 CA, or would that mean that the crappy stats between 1-5 now represent 160CA, and they can only gain 1-2 +points on their stats? im wondering because i kinda have a squad like that =) Made up squad from regens, all 180ish PA but crappy stats, im nearing the end of year to and now they are all 100ish CA, but the stats still sucks and i thought they would have progressed a bit more due to matches and GREAT facilities/coaches. And instead of +1 all stats in FMRTE, or even worse..going through player for player adding a bit of stats for all stats i thought i might have the luck that i can just bump the CA up a bit. i know the role +1 is there..since i was the one suggestion it to be added. But i want to bump up the other stats a bit because they are abusmally low for my players.. not very well rounded =)
  5. its kinda solved anyways the stands stayed greyed out during the expansion, now i can see them again. the 3D details however dont show the same capacity, but thats another problem. And i never did get that expansion menu in FMRTE enabeling me to change details about the expansion.
  6. ok, thanks mate! i messed up my save trying to add seats to the corners in 3D Details menu.. are you not supposed to do that? is there anything you can change there? what i did was indrease stadium capaity to 25000 then i added 1000 seats on all four corners. then i just adjusted the rest of the sides accordingy to get the seats up to 25000 but what happened was that when in match, the corners showed up, but the 4 mainstands was all blacked out. although, i could see that they were bigger than before..
  7. Wierd.. i dont get that. however..i messed up that save file and had to go back a few weeks, before the decision about expansion was taken.. i edited the capacity, and now the board still wants to expans.. however..this time i dont have to move to another stadium for one year... ill just have reduced capacity for 5 months (still more seats than i had tho, so its all good.) but im gonna keep an eye out for that menu...when is that menu generated?
  8. Im just wondering if im supposed to see anywhere in FMRTE the details of a stadium expansion? if its possible, i would like to change the finish date and also the expasion itself...the number of seats.. is that even possible?
  9. oh, by any change.. i suspect im gonna be in for a hot summer when the teams come knocking on my door.. you think setting the join date a year ahead would get me in trouble or give me a piece of mind? i dont wanna be reloading the game 30 times like i did this time =)
  10. Hey guys! just a little thing i just thought of. You know how when you go to the team view where you get all the pre-set options on the right? like HEAL INSPIRE REMOVE TEAM BANS and so on.. well..how about adding 3-4 ones after that that says "custom 1" "custom 2" and so on..or something else...even maybe make us change the name its just a small layout thing i know, but i really think that would be a nice addition instead of having to press the custom one that is there now, and then have to do the dropdown menu thing.. just a though..
  11. That worked! cheers mate! You saved my life! =)
  12. Hey guys! im having an wonderful time playing a LLM game where my players are performing miracles..(fmrte..) and of course intresst arise for my players. I play in italy serie C so they are really low offers so i just reject them all. When my board accepts them they always listen to me when i object.. except in one case... one of my backup/hot prospect BCs got offers from multiple clubs, well..their U20 teams.. and i dont get the option to o ject to the transfer..and of course off he goes.. iv tried everything but it wont stop the transfer.. ive changed the contracts to 0, he still accepts them.. ive changed the offers to billions, but somehow the serie C and serie B teams find it worth splaying BILLIONS on a player for the reserve team.. i just cant seem to find a way to force stop the move.. and i only need to delay it for a bit since transfer deadline is one day ahead.. is there ANY way to delete offers for a player using FMRTE? i can see them, and i can change them.. but can i delete them somehow?
  13. ok, so im playing around with this a bit, but i cant seem to find a "realistic" cheat.. i tried my present from FM13... wich was jadedness 0, Matchfitness/sharpness 1600 and condition 1600, but that was waaay to much...scoring at will and winning 8-10 against nothing almost every match. i tried dialling back a bit, bit still having it a bit much. im at jadedness 0 matchsharpness 1400 condition 1400 but still winning a bit too bit.. should i keep going lower? or did anyone find a good "realistic" number? i remember from FM13 that 1600 was kind of a sweetspot..
  14. is it possible to delete or retire a player midseason? im thinking about the poor Davide Astori.. im playing against fiorentina and my heart cant bear to see him on the pitch =(
  15. Hey guys! Like i suggested with the player role changes (and its in the editor now TY!!) i would like a similar feature for the staff roles. a +1 to all the attributes for that role. so for example on a scout, you have a preset role that ads +1 to the DDM, JPA, JPP and other related stats. (i suggested this back when there was a voting system post i think)
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