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  1. Arrrrgh. I've had to give up, I'm not great with PCs and FMKE is beyond me. I'll come back when IT idiots like me have a 3D shirt to play with that's as easy to use as the excellent FMRTE.
  2. This is the most exciting moment of my year. Well, nearly, I've been stuck at home with an incurable pain condition so FM2020 is a huge event this year for me but I was only thinking last night that for all the excellent features in FMRTE and FM2020, the ability to edit the 3d kit beyond the preset kit types has always been hard work. I've been editing kits each season since FMRTE first introduced the original feature. You're the best.
  3. Really looking forward to the new FMRTE and €4.99 is a bargain for the shear amount of work that must go into it. I know people are excited about its release but I don't get some of these posts. The developers are giving up their weekends to get this program up and running, so chill out. In the meantime, go out for a walk, meet up with some friends, listen to some music or just carry on playing FM 2014. We all know the wait will be worth it.
  4. I know. My neighbour has decided to lawn his entire garden, I mean, how dare he? I prefer having shrubs and it makes me so angry that he's got a different outlook on gardening to me. Grrrrr.
  5. I've only ever used FMRTE to add realism to my games. Editing kits is the biggest reason for me, but it's also useful for fine-tuning player stats. I've even downgraded my own players so that they are more realistic (Arshavin being the latest example). It's also useful for adjusting other clubs' finances to reflex what's happening in real life. I have no problem with someone wanting to "cheat" though. PC games are escapism and if someone wants to take Bishop's Stortford FC to the Champion League final then good luck to them. FMRTE is brilliant and that's why I'm not spending any money
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