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  1. I have now managed to get the Administrative error issue resolved, but I am now having the issues many of you appear to be having with the activation. I have tried online and offline activation, it says it has worked but then it keeps asking for it again. I've done this around 50 times with no success. Anyone had any joy?
  2. Hi, hoping someone can assist me. I have used FMRTE for Mac for a number of years now and always managed to open it with the option 'open with root privileges'. However the new one does not appear to have this option, and I get the error message 'An error occurred, FMRTE needs to be executed with Administrative privileges.'. Can you assist?
  3. My Info Operating System - OSX 10.8.4 FMRTE Version - 13.3.3 Build 61 FM Version - FM 2013 FM Game Type - Steam Problem description Started a new game of FM2013 and the editor no longer works. Using latest versions of both FM and FMRTE but error message "FMRTE does not support your game version ( m). I am loading with roots privileges. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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