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  1. Is there anyway to mass injure witha preset? or something like that thank you
  2. Hello guys! I was wondering if there is any way to make a player from a non-playable league unavailable or injured or something. I just want to make a player not able to play again. Any thoughts?
  3. Nice Goblin!thank you very much for your explanation. Hoping to see more features to the next versions because with this tool we enjoy the game much more..Looking forward for the next version!
  4. what about the most ''simple to add'' features? are there any to be done easy? Anyway, thanks for the info. I'm sorry i'm annoying you with too many questions and I really appreciate your work, that's why I buy a license every year but my big complain is that a request i made several time in the past,about the option to edit player stats(goals,assists,cards etc) is still not included. I dont want to be selfish,but the poll shows that some other guys want it too. I think it's easy for you after all these things you've done. Anyway, thank you for your time and I REALLY appreciate your excellent work.Keep developing!
  5. Hi to all! I want to ask the admins about the new features(those in the Poll). Which features of them will be included in the next versions? only the ''most high voted'' or all of them? Thanks guys, Good work!
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