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  1. Going to catch up with game of thrones and hopefully by then update will be released
  2. My game update automatically Hope the FMRTE update drops ASAP
  3. I am just selecting legend present and then hitting freeze. It is a single player
  4. Hey all, Freeze is not working for me... I increase stats, then hit freeze and then about a week later the stats drop! I have FMRTE running whilst fm is running, is this a bug? thanks
  5. hey, My freeze button doesnt work? any ideas how to fix? also the inspire button too thanks
  6. The trick is not as effective as on fm12 where the player scored silly amounts lol
  7. I should have asked yesterday when everyone was moaning lol
  8. hey, have been using the 19750 values but it causes the game to crash. Does anyone no what values can be used to get player scoring loads? cheer
  9. It causes the game to crash now
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