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  1. i m getting the same error also take the workaround doing recovery and terminal stuff but still doesnt work
  2. upgraded macos now fmrte is running but lucky all versions are supported but mine is not
  3. still getting needs to be executed with admin privileges error with the update and favorites button doesnt work
  4. no transfer or loan listed search option and unable to activate license constantly asking for activation
  5. error.log.zip
  6. i cant the error log file is almost 1.5 mb
  7. and getting this error constantly
  8. loading is okay but when i try to save something or heal the team doesnt effect into the game
  9. and also there isnt restart as administrator button on the drop down menu
  10. nope tried too many times but nothing happens just clicking on ok button
  11. with the update interface is changed and fmrte isnt working properly cant search players and also couldnt find transfer listed option on the search tab
    cant find restart as adminstrative on drop down menu
  12. ifmrte need to be executed with root privileges otherwise it wont be able to load your data ! am getting this error
  13. i am using imfrte version today i dowloaded new version but icant extract or open it i am a mac user and using the unarchiever program can anybody help ???
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